According to Russia’s Federal Statistical Office Rosstat data, while the price of holiday travel to Turkey increased in November 2021 compared to the beginning of summer, the prices of holiday travel to Spain, trip to Greece and trip to France remained constant. Turkey prices approached their competitors.

What happened to Turkey holiday price in Russia?

According to the information compiled by from the Russian Federal Statistical Office Rosstat data; The average price of holiday travel to Turkey, which was 42,470 Rubles at the beginning of summer, became 35,506 Rubles in August and 28,136 in October. Prices started to climb in November and became 41.315 Rubles.

What was the holiday price of competitors in Russia?

In this period, the price of a vacation trip to Spain remained stable at Ruble 56,677, the price of a trip to Greece at Ruble 48,488 and the price of a trip to France at Ruble 69,617. The prices of these countries have been announced at the same level since the beginning of the year.

Prices for 2021 holidays abroad in Russia, Ruble

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