The occupancy rate in Turkish hotels increased from 22.09% to 68.91% in July 2021. In this month, hotel bed occupancy rates increased by 47%.

What happened to hotel occupancy in July?

According to the data compiled by from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism accommodation statistics; Hotel bed occupancy in the country increased from 22.09% to 68.91%.

In this period, in terms of facility type; The occupancy rate in 5-star hotels increased from 20.79% to 76.06%, and the occupancy rate in 4-star hotels increased from 21.9% to 65.57%.

Occupancy rates in first-class holiday resorts increased from 22.88% to 78.31%, and in thermal 5-star facilities from 17.77% to 55.99%.

What happened to hotel bed occupancy in Antalya in 2021?

Hotel occupancy in Antalya increased from 19.42% to 81.76%. In Antalya, the occupancy rates in 5-star hotels increase from 20% to 84.88%, in 4-star hotels from 17.2% to 76.28%, and in first-class holiday villages from 21.17%. The occupancy rate in Golf Facilities increased from 23.39% to 118.75%.

What happened to the occupancy rates of Istanbul in 2021?

Istanbul hotel occupancy rates increased from 13.80% to 59.40%. Muğla hotels, one of the cities where the most overnight stays are made, increased from 31.18% to 72.70%. After the three touristic centers, our cities with the most overnight stays are; Hotel occupancy rates increased to 71.09% and 84.16% in İzmir and Aydın.

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