How much did the hotel beds reach?

Turkey tourism; The number of beds in its Operational License and Municipality Licensed hotels reached 1,654,854 in January 2022. Considering the investment hotels; Our total number of beds has exceeded 1 million 795 thousand.

Antalya is the leader

According to the information compiled by from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism’s Facility Statistics data, Antalya, which has the highest number of hotel beds in Turkey, has reached a total of 612 thousand beds. Last year, the province had around 600 thousand beds.

Total hotel beds in Istanbul

On the other hand, the total number of certified hotel beds in Istanbul, which follows Antalya, has exceeded 225 thousand. Last year, the province had around 211,000 beds.

In Muğla, which has more than 178 thousand beds in the number of beds, there were around 174 thousand hotel beds last year. The number of Izmir hotel beds following it has increased from 51 thousand to 56 thousand in the last year. The number of beds in Aydın has exceeded 44 thousand. These provinces; It is followed by Balıkesir, Mersin and Ankara.

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