Total overnight stay in Turkey hotels.

Domestic and foreign tourist overnight stays in Turkish hotels increased by 85.8% in the 4 months of 2022, from 25.7 million to 47.8 million. The number of domestic overnight stays in hotels increased by 64.4% from 16.2 million to 26.7 million. Overnight stays made by foreigners also increased by 122.6%, from 9.5 million to 21.0 million.

Number of overnights in markets

In the four-month period, the most overnight stays were from Germany: German overnights increased by 497% from 0.64 million to 3.86 million. It was followed by Russia, which declined from 3.9 million to 2 million nights. England, on the other hand, made 1.86 million overnight stays, up 1456 percent from 0.11 million. While Iran, Netherlands and Israel also increased overnight stays, the Ukrainian market decreased from 0.62 million to 0.49 million nights.

Total overnight stay in Turkey hotels.

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