Incentived hotel investments in 4 months of 2022

According to the hotel investments data compiled by Turizmdatabank; Accommodation sector in Turkey received investment incentives for 73 hotel investments with a budget of 2.79 billion TL in the 4-month period of 2022. Completely new hotels with a budget of 1.92 billion TL will be built with 43 of the investment projects. 30 facilities have allocated a budget of 686 million TL for purposes such as renovation, completion and expansion.

Budgets for hotels

According to the data, a budget of 1.92 billion TL was allocated for 43 complete new hotel investments, while the portion allocated to 6 5-star hotels in this total amounted to 1.25 billion TL. In the new hotel budgets, 237 million TL was allocated for 8 4-star hotels and 177 million TL for 14 3-star hotels,

Number of beds to be renewed

In the hotel investments planned in this period, 30 hotels are expected to be renovated, while 19324 beds will be renewed with investments with a budget of 868 million TL. With these activities, 302 people will find jobs. 7486 people will find jobs in new hotels,

Incentive hotel investments (January-April)

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