Popular destinations of Russians

In the 53 regions of Russia, where would the Russians go if there were no Covid 19? The question has been asked. According to the results of the NAFI survey, Italy and Turkey came to the fore. The most attractive countries on a trip; Italy with 28% and Turkey with 23%.

Destination preferences

In the survey; While 33% of the population over the age of 60 said Italy, 23% of the audience aged 35-44 wanted to go to Turkey. France with 18% and China with 17% took the third and fourth places. Egypt is in fifth place with 15%.

The top 10 countries included Germany, Japan, Spain, Thailand and the USA. India, United Arab Emirates, Greece, United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Vietnam, Cuba, Switzerland and Southern Cyprus entered the following list.

According to his research, 84% of Russians like to travel. The tendency to travel was 87% for women and 80% for men.

The NAFI survey was conducted in April 2022. 1,600 people aged 18 and over participated in 53 regions of Russia. (ATOR)

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