Google holiday searches explained.

According to the information compiled by the Tourism Databank, which specializes in tourism statistics and analysis, Turkey is among the top 10 countries in Google online holiday searches. On the basis of destination and city, Antalya and Istanbul are in the top 10.

Google holiday searches for May

In May, while Spain was valued at 100, Turkey had 42 on average. According to data, Spain ranks first in flight + accommodation online travel search interest volume, followed by the USA. Turkey comes after Italy and France. BEA and Mexico are also in the top 10.

Antalya and Istanbul in Google searches

In terms of interest in cities, London ranks first with 100 points, while Paris, Dubai, New York, Barcelona,

While Amsterdam, Lisbon and Rome are in the top 10, Istanbul is among the preferred ones with 41 points.

Their first place on the basis of destination; Fort Lauderdale, Sevilla, Singapore, Palma de Mallorca, Bangkok, Ivissa were followed by Antalya. Athens, Berlin and Vienna were among the top 10. (Source: Italian Ministry of Tourism and ENIT weekly bulletins)

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