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AKTOB 2022 tourism season forecast

Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Business Association, AKTOB June Meetings with the Industry meeting was held at Side Star Elegance Hotel in Antalya Side-Manavgat region. President Erkan Yağcı emphasized that world tourism is expected to regain 50 to 70% of its 2019 values ​​in 2022.

Antalya tourism 2022 forecasts

Making the opening speech of the meeting held on 28 June 2022, AKTOB Board of Directors Chairman Dr. Erkan Yagcı explained his expectations for 2022 and beyond after summarizing the events experienced in tourism since 2019 with graphics. Emphasizing that world tourism is expected to regain 50 to 70% of its 2019 values ​​in 2022, Dr. Yağcı said that they predict that Antalya tourism will catch 80% of 2019.

we should be clear about price-product and quality

Emphasizing that the desire for travel has increased in the world and this is reflected in the demand, Erkan Yağcı said the following about what Turkey should do:

“In the surveys, the only obstacle to travel in 2022 and beyond was economic conditions. Demand is rising, but we have to act according to the facts. We should discuss the evaluations such as whether we are good or bad together as much as necessary and the facts. The rules of the game are changing and Turkey has to be clear. When we say clarity, it is what we will do about price-product and quality. Yes, there is already demand. Prices should not be played with unnecessarily. The strong coordination that our ministry and industry have shown since 2019 should not go to waste. We think that the value of these studies will continue to contribute to Turkey’s perception of value.”

To the meeting hosted by AKTOB Y.K; Antalya Governor Ersin Yazıcı, Deputy Minister of Culture and Tourism Nadir Alpaslan, Chairman of TÜROFED Board of Directors Sururi Çorabatır and SunExpress Mediterranean Sales Manager Murat Hatipoğlu attended as speakers.

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