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Hotels under investment in Turkey

As of May 2022, the weight of investment hotels in Turkey is still in coastal areas and big cities. The agglomeration on the beaches with the average bed size per facility continues to increase. 55% of the hotel beds being made are in 5 cities on the coast.

Number of hotel beds per property

According to the information compiled by Turizmdatabank from the data of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, approximately 140 thousand hotel beds are made in 577 facilities that have received investment certificates in our country.

According to the data; In Antalya, which has 25% of the total investments, the average number of hotel beds per facility is around 400.

Average number of beds in provinces

The provinces that are ahead in the average number of hotel beds per facility are; Aydın, Afyon, Muğla, Mersin were listed as. In these provinces, the average bed is over 350.

On the other hand, cities such as Istanbul, Izmir and Ankara and Muğla have an average of 200-300 beds.

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