2019 levels will be approached.

In its latest report, ATOUT France, published by France, highlighted the recovery in international tourists, especially in Paris, and emphasized the expectation of a good summer. Despite the increase in prices due to the war in Ukraine, the recovery in tourism is expected to approach 2019 levels.

France Tourism income

Revenues from international tourism reached €3.4 billion in March 2022. This is -4% less than before the pandemic. Expenditure is 2.9 billion Euros.

European customers and revenues from the US also approached before the crisis. In some countries, 2019 was even exceeded. France The domestic market is also developing well: almost -4.8% below 2019 in the first quarter.

But rival destinations like France and Spain are making a strong comeback. As the tourism sector struggles to recruit and face rising costs with the return of inflation, the challenges of competitiveness will therefore be monitored in the coming months.

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