Overnight in hotels in Spain

In April, hotel overnight stays in Spain reached 25.1 million, from 4.1 million. Prices, which averaged €96.3 per room, increased by 36.3% year on year. The overnight stay of foreigners also exceeded 14.9 million. In April, occupancy rates increased by 164.4% and reached 55.9%. The highest occupancy rate in April is 68.9% in the Canary Islands. Balears followed with 63.4%.

According to INE data; The UK and Germany accounted for 23.3% and 19.0% of the total overnight stays, respectively. Those coming from France, the Netherlands and Italy also received a share of 10.0%, 5.0% and 4.0%, respectively.,,

Profitability of Spanish hotels

The average daily turnover (ADR) of hotels increased by 36.3% to 96.3 Euros in April.

Average daily revenue per room (RevPAR) increased by 209.3% to 59.6 Euros.

Average prices were 226.5 Euros for 5-star hotels, 100.4 Euros for 4-star hotels and 73.5 Euros for 3-star hotels. Income per room, respectively; 145.7, 68.2 and 46.3 Euros.

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