Price is the most important factor

According to a study conducted by Hilton; Due to the increasing cost of living, price will be the most important factor in making the destination decision. Data from the Hilton survey of 2,000 British adults shows that more will be spent, exceeding the total of €98 billion.

Spending per trip

The British will spend around EUR 1,460 on travel this year. If this happens, the total expenditure will be 98 billion Euros. Those planning to take big family vacations will also exceed their pre-pandemic budget by 34%. Tourists, on the other hand, will make about three trips.

How will they travel?

Two-thirds (66%) of the interviewees prepare family holidays. 49% plan to travel longer than 2020 to spend their free time with loved ones. 49% plan to travel with their children, 46% with their spouse, 23% with their parents and 11% with their grandparents.

What is he hoping for?

Hilton’s Trends 2022 report prioritizes five items when booking British post-pandemic holidays:

Engaging in local culture and community (49%), sustainability (48%), and activity-filled vacation (48%). In contrast, organizing vacations in large groups (44%) and multi-destination trips (30%).

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