Number of tourists arriving in 2022

According to the data of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism; In the four-month period of 2022, the number of foreign visitors increased by 172.5% from 2.74 million to 7.47 million.

In April 2022, the number of foreigners coming to our country increased by 225.5% compared to the same month of the previous year and reached 2.57 million.

Tourists by nationality

In this period, Germany ranked first among the countries sending the most visitors, with an increase of 340% compared to last year. About 814,000 people came from Germany.

While the Russian market, which declined by 11 percent, regressed to the 4th place, 491 thousand people came from the market. The number of arrivals from Ukraine, which was occupied by Russia, increased by 1% to 189 thousand.

The UK market, which followed Russia, increased by 1235 percent from 30 thousand to 406 thousand. The Dutch market also increased by 350%.

Foreign Visitors to Turkey

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