Number of tourists from Germany to the Mediterranean

According to the research of Turizmdatabank; The most frequently visited countries by the Germans who travel the most in the world are located in the Mediterranean Bowl. Spain, France, Italy, Turkey and Greece host around 50 million German tourists from this market. In the pandemic, this figure has decreased to 17 million. In 2021, it approached 25 million.

The effect of the pandemic and its aftermath

While competition in the market is increasing, Spain, France, Italy blocks receive 10 million tourists per country, and Turkey and Greece blocks receive 4 million tourists per country. In the year after the pandemic, Spain, France, Italy block decreased to 6 million, and Turkey and Greece block decreased to 3 million tourists.

Turkey and Greece recovered more than half of their losses in the pandemic, while Spain regained 32%. France covers only 15% of the deficit and Italy still lags behind.

Tourist losses and gains from the German market, Millions

Pandemic loss2021 gain/LOSS
FRANCE-7,1  1,1
ITALY-10,5– 0,4
SPAIN-8,7  2,8
TURKEY-3,8  2,0
GREECE-2,5  1,5

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