Turespana report

According to the Turespaña report; Spain increased the number of passengers at international airports by 755% in April to 7 million. Compared to April 2019, there was an 85% recovery. In 4 months, the number of passengers exceeded 25 million. 60% of my arrivals used low cost airlines. The Netherlands was the market with the biggest recovery compared to the year before Covid-19. The United States and the United States performed the worst.

Arrivals by market

The number of passengers arriving from UK airports was 1.6 million. 83% of arrivals in this market used low-cost airlines. They mostly came to Canary.

Arrivals from Germany increased by 493.7% to 1.12. They mostly headed for the Balearic and Canary Islands. 49% of the visitors used the scheduled traditional companies.

The arrivals from France increased by 492.5% compared to last year and reached 587 thousand people. Italy also experienced an increase of 955%.

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