Spain Wine Routes 2021 revenue announced

The Wine Routes of Spain, which passed 1.6 million visitors in 2021, according to the latest data, visits to wineries and museums brought the economy 55 million Euros. The contribution, which increased 130% compared to 2020, was estimated at 160 million Euros, including hotels, restaurants and purchasing expenditures.

Spain wine tourism statistics

According to the data obtained by the Tourism Databank, the tourism statistics center, from the Association of Spanish Wine Cities (ACEVİN), the number of participants in wine tourism was over three million in 2019.

According to the latest edition of the Annual Report on Visits of Wineries and Wine Museums of Spain, the total number of visitors to wineries and wine museums associated with the Spanish Wine Routes was 1,640,800 in 2021.

These visits generated a revenue impact of €55 million. With other direct and indirect contributions, this figure has approached 160 million euros.

Wine Routes in Spain

The majority of visitors were made by Spanish citizens, while international visitors received a 15% share. The most visited routes in 2021 are the Calatayud Wine Route with 213,614; This was followed by the Ribera del Duero Wine Route with 197,145 visitors and the Marco de Jerez Wine and Brandy Route with 186,670 visitors.

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