ETC Report

Announcing its vacationer preferences for the summer of 2022 (May-August), ETC highlighted an increase in overseas travel from source markets to Europe in the Long Distance Travel Barometer. However, it remained below pre-pandemic levels. The rise of France and Italy draws attention.

Demand from markets

The Long Distance Travel Barometer explains the short-term travel trends of travelers from Brazil, China, Canada, Japan, Russia and the USA.

Portugal took the first place among the preferred destinations for traveling in Europe with 43%, followed by Italy with 37%, France with 34% and Spain with 26%. Turkey, on the other hand, took place in the 5% slice, which included Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Ireland and Monaco.

In the Brazilian market, France took the first place with 55%, Italy with 29% and Germany with 28%. In the US market, France 34%, Italy 28%, Germany 24% and the UK 21% and Spain is at the top with 15%.

Turkey ahead in Russia

Turkey leads the way in the Russian market with 24%, followed by Italy 15%, Cyprus 14%, Germany 12%. Greece 11%, Spain & Austria 10%, Bulgaria 9%, Finland and France 8% and Serbia & Montenegro followed by 7%.

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