International travel of Germans by plane in 2022


International travel of Germans by plane in 2022

According to the data compiled by the Tourism Databank, the tourism statistics center, from the German federal statistics office Destatis, international trips from Germany quadrupled to 22.38 million in the January-May period of 2022. Travels from the country to abroad with airline companies were 4.48 million last year. However, the market is still well below the year 2019 of 37.5 million. Spain and Turkey were the top destinations.

Where did the Germans fly the most in 2022?

In the 5-month period of 2022, Spain ranked first among the destinations most preferred by German tourists with 3.9 million. It ranked second with 2.36 million in international trips to Turkey by plane.

On the other hand, while the number of German travelers to Italy exceeded 1.53 million, Greece followed with 1 million. The influx of German travelers to France was 961 thousand. Departures to Egypt rose to 618,000

Number of German travelers to tourist destinations in 2022

During this period, Spain’s Balearic Islands became the tourist destination with the highest number of German travelers with 1.35 million, followed by the Canary Islands of Spain with 955 thousand.

Antalya, on the other hand, received 757 thousand German tourists. The Greek Islands came in fourth with 489 thousand.

International Travels by Air from Germany in 2022

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