Overnights and turnovers

Accommodation facilities operating in Turkey increased the number of overnight stays by 91% in the first quarter of 2022. Tourist overnight stays in accommodation facilities also increased by 122%. On the other hand, overnight stays of local citizens increased by 75% during this period.
These increases were also reflected in the turnover of hotels. Turnovers also increased by 102% in the first quarter.

Hotel turnover in 2022

According to the “Hotel Revenues Forecasts” study prepared by Turizmdatabank based on data from TUIK, CBRT, Ministry of Culture and Tourism; The turnover of active accommodation facilities increased by 102.9% in the first quarter of 2022 from 1.17 billion Dollars to 2.37 billion Dollars.

Turists markets hotels generate the highest turnover

During this period, hotels generated the highest turnover from the German market. The turnover of the Russian market, which was clearly ahead last year, became the second.

While the turnover of hotels in the German market increased by 322% and exceeded 120 million Dollars, the turnover in Russia decreased by 50% to 77 million Dollars. These two countries followed by Iran, England, Kuwait, Iraq markets.

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