Celestyal Crystal, Celestyal Olympia tours

Kuşadası Port, which is frequented by cruise ships, will host Celestyal ships 3 days a week. Celestyal Olympia every Tuesday and Saturday; Celestyal Crystal will pick up its passengers on Mondays. The ships will stop at Patmos, Rhodes, Crete, Santorini, Athens, Mykonos, Milos and Thessaloniki, which are on the route of the ships coming to Kuşadası with the passengers they take from Athens.

3 days a week

Celestyal Cruises, which makes the most of the regular voyages to the port of Kuşadası before the pandemic, will serve those who plan a holiday with Greek Islands tours 3 days a week.

Celestyal Olympia with a capacity of 1664 passengers every Tuesday and every Saturday for 3 and 4 nights Iconic Aegean Tours; Celestyal Crystal with a capacity of 1200 passengers will also serve from Kusadasi for 7-night Idyllic Aegean Tours every Monday.

Coming to Galataport at the end of summer

Celestyal Crystal will turn its route to Istanbul in the summer zone and anchor at Galataport Port and start Eclectic Aegean Tours from there, and the route of these 6-night tours will be Kavala, Thessaloniki, Volos, Santorini and Athens.

About Celestyal Cruises

Celestyal Cruises is the main cruise ship operator in Greece. It is the leading cruise line serving the Greek Islands and the Eastern Mediterranean. Karavan Cruises is the general sales agency of Celestyal Cruises in Turkey. www.celestyalcruises.com.tr

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