Number of arriving passengers

The number of passengers arriving in Greece in March 2022 increased by 319% compared to the previous year and reached 414.3 thousand. Passengers passing through the airports also increased by 561.5%. Highway border crossings also increased by 194.2%. While the number of passengers from the Eurozone increased by 400%, the number of passengers from EU27 countries outside the Eurozone increased by 102.7%. The increase was driven by more inflows, both from within the EU27 and from outside the EU27.

Tourist by country

In January-March 2022, the number of arriving passengers increased by 295.8% and reached 1,072.7 thousand. The number of passengers from airports increased by 475.5% and passengers arriving from land borders increased by 192.1%.

In this period, the arrivals from Germany increased by 307% and reached 151.4 thousand, while the arrivals from France increased by 531.9% and reached 53.7 thousand. The arrivals from the UK increased by 505% to 91.6 thousand, while those from the USA increased by 1.412% to 37.7 thousand. The number of passengers from Russia reached 8.6 thousand.

Travel revenues

In January-March 2022, tourism revenue increased by 342.2% to 469.7 million Euros. This development amounted to EUR 237.4 million, an increase of 268.9% in the EU27 market, and EUR 226.3 million, an increase of 440.9% in the non-EU27 market.

levels of income; 66.1 million Euros, up 279.2% in Germany, 23.6 million Euros with an increase of 567.7% in France, 47.1 million Euros with an increase of 550.0% in the United Kingdom, 2,093.2% in the USA increased to 34.5 million Euro and 5.8 million Euros in Russia.

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