Vimsa Automotive Industry and Trade Inc. is building a 4-star tourism accommodation facility with a capacity of 151 rooms and 302 beds in Antalya Province Kepez District.

What will happen at the hotel?

While considering the name of the Tourism Accommodation Facility to be “Hilton Hampton”
It was designed in accordance with the 4-star hotel qualifications of the Tourism Facilities Regulation of the Ministry of Tourism.
45 people will work during the construction phase of the facility. It is planned to employ 10 people during the operation phase.

What is the hotel’s investment budget?

Since the total hotel bed capacity of the hotel planned to be built within the scope of the project will be 302, the maximum number of people (including personnel) who can stay here will be 312 people.
Hotel Construction Cost (including Rough-Fine Construction, Plumbing Works and Labor) will be 35,319,600 TL, Interior Design 15,000,000 TL, Furniture and Furnishings 5,000,000 TL, Other Unexpected Expenses 500,000 TL, including 55,819,600 TL. (0533 498 60 73)

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