Sunexpreess has announced its plans for 2022.

Evaluating the situation in tourism in terms of SunExpress Airlines and aviation, SunExpress Mediterranean Sales Manager Murat Hatipoğlu said that as a company, they opened new lines in 2022 and many lines will not be closed in winter.

AKTOB Meetings with the Sector

Hatipoğlu, who made a statement at the Mediterranean Touristic Hoteliers and Business Association, AKTOB Meeting with the Industry in June, held at Side Star Elegance Hotel, said, “In addition to opening lines to meet the increasing demand, they have also improved the purchase and rental of aircraft, and the number of international passengers in Antalya is 4.3. We have a plan to reach 5 million. We have planned 1.1 million passengers in Antalya domestic flights. We will reach 10 million in total for Turkey. Most of it will be Antalya. On the other hand, we entered the Middle East market for the first time. We have strengthened our presence in the UK. We have made major development plans for 2019. One of our big plans is to support tourism for 12 months.”

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