Who became the leading congress city?

According to the ICCA 2021 Report; Vienna ranked #1 worldwide despite the pandemic. In the Destination Performance Index (DPI) report prepared for the first time by the International Congress and Congress Association (ICCA), Vienna was followed by Lisbon and Athens.

Number of congresses in cities

In the report, which analyzes 8,000 international meetings planned for 2021, Vienna ranks 1st worldwide in the overall ranking in 2021. Vienna came in second and third, respectively, ahead of Lisbon and Athens.

Vienna has hosted 92 congresses, nine of which are unrestricted, 22 hybrid events and 61 virtual.

Second and third places were taken by Lisbon with 91 congresses and Athens with 66 congresses.

Other countries in the top 10 are; Barcelona, ​​Singapore, Madrid, Prague, Paris, Berlin and Brussels.

At the country level, the USA, Spain and Germany topped the list. Austria is ranked 11th worldwide.

What is the Destination Performance Index (DPI)?

The ranking evaluates destinations’ success in the original offering, adaptability, and technological capabilities to transform face-to-face events into virtual or hybrid meetings. Unlike pre-pandemic rankings, it now takes into account not only on-site meetings, but also postponed or relocated events and hybrid or virtual forms.

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