Overnights in hotels in the Mediterranean.

The 4 main rivals of the Mediterranean region; In France, Italy, Spain and Turkey, hotel overnight stays for 4 months in 2022 have been announced. Accordingly, Italy took the lead in the number of foreign tourist overnight stays in hotels. While Spain was the second, Turkey was third, ahead of France.

Italy leader in overnight stays

According to the number of tourist nights in the hotels compiled by Turizmdatabank from the 4 main competitors of the Mediterranean region, France, Italy, Spain and Turkey; In the four-month period of 2022, Italy ranked first with 45 million. This country was in the lead with 64 million in 2019.

Turkey overtakes France

Spain took second place with 40 million. The country recorded close to 50 million tourist overnight stays in 2019. While Turkey is third with 21 million, it is the only country to exceed the 2019 level (20 million). France, which is fourth with 20 million this year, lagged behind the 26 million overnight stays in 2019.

Foreign overnight stays in hotels (January-April)

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