In Turkey, total the number of hotel beds in Operation Licensed and Municipality Licensed reached 1,799,585 at the beginning of May 2022. Considering the hotels in investment process; total number of beds reached to 1,938,743. Compared to last year, the total number of beds in hotels with Operation License and Municipality License increased by more than 200 thousand beds.

Number of beds by province

According to the information compiled by Turizmdatabank.com; Antalya reached 625 thousand beds in total. Last year, the province had around 598 thousand beds.
Following Antalya, the total number of certified hotel beds in Istanbul exceeded 271 thousand. Last year, the province had around 212 thousand beds.

In Muğla, which exceeds 212 thousand in the number of beds, there were around 174 thousand hotel beds last year.
The number of Izmir hotel beds has increased from 51 thousand to 65 thousand in the last year. The number of beds in Aydın also exceeded 48 thousand from 41 thousand.

Number of facilities and beds in Turkey, 2022

Operation Licansed 5 5671 106 434
Municipality Licensed 10 513 693 151
In Investment  577 139 158
Total 16 6571 938 743

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