French holiday choice in 2022.

It is estimated that around 9 million French tourists will travel abroad this summer. Spain, Greece and France are the leading destinations preferred by the French, followed by Turkey and Italy. 9 million of 34 million French will head abroad.

According to the information obtained by the Tourism Databank, which specializes in tourism statistics and analysis, from the data of Les Entreprises du Voyage (EdV), an organization that brings together around 1,560 companies in the French travel industry, 9 million French will go abroad on vacation this summer. In 2022, a total of 34 million French people are expected to go on vacation, while 9 million of them will head abroad.

Where will the French go?

When we look at foreign travel destinations, Greece and Spain are in the lead, followed by France, while countries such as Tunisia, Italy, Turkey and Morocco are among the main choices. Egypt and the Dominican Republic and the USA also took their place in the top 10.

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