The situation of Turkey and Spain

According to the Association of Tour Operators and Travel Agencies (ANVR) in the Netherlands, reservations for Spain and Turkey surpassed pre-pandemic crisis levels at the end of April. While bookings in Spain increased by 23% compared to 2019 and 223% compared to 2021, Turkey increased by 16% compared to 2019 and 285% compared to 2021.

Reservation increases compared to 2019

According to ANVR’s report, based on surveys of more than 50,000 people, in April 2022 the booking level is 16% higher than in the same month of 2019. This level was +197% better in 2021 than in 2020.

In this period, the increases compared to 2019; It was 36% in France, 48% in Italy, 41% in Greece and 17% in Portugal. The Dutch are increasing their preference for well-known and trusted destinations like Spain, Turkey, Germany, France, Italy and Belgium.

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