Loans from banks

The increase in the use of loans from banks by the accommodation sector decreased by 61% in the January-April period of 2022 and became 3.14 billion TL. In the same period last year, loans from banks had increased by TL 8.0 billion. In the last year ending in April, the increase in hotel loans in TL increased from 25.6 billion TL to 46.6 billion TL with an increase of 82%.

non-cash loans of hotels

On the other hand; The rise in non-cash loans, which hotels want to guarantee from banks in return for their monetary liabilities, increased by 148% in the January-April period, exceeding 1 billion TL. Last year, it was 430 million TL. In the last year ending in April, non-cash loans on TL basis increased by 176% from 1.73 billion TL to 4.79 billion TL.

NPL ratio

On the other hand, the NPL ratio in hotel loans increased from 3.77% at the beginning of 2022 to 3.85%. Non-performing loans increased by 373 million TL in the 4 months of 2022. Last year, there was a decrease of 732 million TL. In the last year ending in April, follow-ups on TL basis increased from -1.9 billion TL to +1.76 billion TL.Change in loans used by hotels

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