Overnight stays in Antalya in 2022.

The total overnight stay in Antalya facilities in the 4-month period of 2022 has approached 2019. While it was 11.97 million in 2019, it increased to 10.90 million in 2022. In this period, the overnight stays at the Ministry-certified facilities decreased by 13% to 9.23 million, while the municipality-certified facilities increased by 24% to 1.67 million.

Overnights by facility class

According to Turizmdatabank calculations; While the number of Ministry-certified facility overnight stays increased in hostels, camping, apartments and 1-star hotels, there was a decrease in 5 and 4-star hotels, HV 1 and golf hotels compared to 2019. On the other hand, there was an increasing trend in facilities with municipality certificates, except for Holiday Villages.

Total overnight stay in Antalya hotels (January-April/KTB*)

Municipality L.1 349 7031 672 108
Ministry L10 626 7759 232 456
Total11 976 47810 904 564
*Culture and Tourism Ministry

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