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According to the data compiled by Turizmdatabank from the German federal statistics office Destatis; International departures from German airports increased by 417% in the January-April period of 2022. In 2022, international flights with airline companies increased from 2.9 million to 15.4 million. While Spain and Turkey are the top destinations, Spain is catching up.

Flight request to Turkey from Germany

Among the destinations most preferred by German tourists, Spain again took the first place. The number of passengers arriving by plane increased by 459% and exceeded 2.7 million. Flights to Turkey by planes increased by 261% to 1.56 million,

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On the other hand, the number of German tourists and visitors to Italy increased by 895% and exceeded 1 million. Greece increased by 636% to 486 thousand. Airline passenger departures to France also increased by 931% to 629 thousand, while departures to Egypt increased by 931% to 392 thousand.

During this period, the Balearic Islands grew by 367%, Antalya by 823% and the Canary Islands by 460%.

Travels by Air from Germany

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